We design optimal solutions for the design of new diets with the actual challenges: less use of antibiotics, optimization of good health and performance. These solutions combine the addition to diets of several groups of functional raw material and additives which work synergistically to improve good health. Our products combine different ways of action:

    • Regulation of microflora, promoting the beneficial population (idem the benefit of population…) (lactic bacteria), and controlling pathogenic bacteria, either gram+ (Clostridium) or gram- ( coli).
    • Optimal enterocyte nutrition, through butyric acid, in order to improve the digestion surface, enhancing the thigh junctions, improving  (gryyoimthe immune system, and decreasing inflammation.
    • Promotion of physiology of the gut, improving the peristalsis and the blood circulation within the gut. Improvement of the physical characteristics of the feces, creating a structurer for dry and soft feces.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties, improving gut capacity for digestion and saving nutrients (energy and amino acids) for growth and development.
    • Not only regulating the microflora, but decreasing the capacity of pathogens to secrete toxins.
    • Synergism in the way of action, and in the location (different activity of different compounds in different sites).
    • Water or feed application.

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