INNOVABIOTICS S.L. is a company founded in 2013 by professionals with long experience in animal and human nutrition, feed and food additives and research and development.

INNOVABIOTICS S.L. is specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of feed and food ingredients which combines different groups of additives and raw materials, such as active fiber sources, essential oils, organic acids and mono-esters of fatty acids.


We develop technical applications with additives, adjuvants and raw materials: we carefully select the best products, and we adapt their use to the conditions of the industry.

Lignocellulose-based filters

Filtering is a very important step in different food industries, such as oil, wines, beers, water, vinegars, juices, etc. Filter aids contributes to reduce humidity, impurities, and other chemical undesirable compounds, depending on the product.

The use of filters based on lignocellulose has the next advantages:

    • Cost-effective, high performance.
    • 100% natural, from wood. No contamination with mycotoxins or other contaminants.
    • Water holding capacity: 7:1.
    • Environmental friendly: once use, it can be used as a material for biomass, since it is 100% organic.
    • Improvement of the energy power of the biomass, because of the composition of the product (lignocellulose from wood).
    • Residue management easier and cheaper, since it can be re-utilized for other applications.

Innovabiotics is defined by flexibility in design,
applications an commercialization, technical support ans science base.

One step beyond

Continuously, the feed and food additives, adjuvants and the special raw materials have clear advantages, but also some limitations. In INNOVABIOTICS, we research the way of extract the maximum effect of each ingredient, which in most of the cases is better expressed in combination with other ingredients.


We try to design strategies that enhance the food value to improve the sustainability, improve the efficacy of the processes, improve the quality and the safety of the products, and reduce the environmental impact of food processing.

In the food sector our aim is to improve the sustainability by using natural ingredients and adjuvants that can have a value in further steps in the chain.


INNOVABIOTICS S.L. wants to be a reliable supplier of feed and food ingredients that helps producers to manage the new scenario in which in addition to efficacy, other criteria such us sustainability, welfare, health and environmental impact must be taken into account.


All the products commercialized fulfill the most demanding requirements in food safety.


The team is composed by several professionals with a long experience in research and development, nutrition and health, and it is led by Dr. Pedro Medel.